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Beatbox is the art of creating music with the sole use of human voice. Markooz is the First Spanish Beatbox Champion, an internationally recognised talent and one of the major hispanic exponents of this vocal art. Born in Barcelona, he performed all over Spain as well as in Portugal, France, Germany, UK, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Markooz has a solid artistic career supported by many projects, mentions and awards. After winning the First Spanish Beatbox Championship in 2008, the year after he qualified among the best 8 beatboxers at the 2nd Beatbox Battle® World Championship and reached the european Top 10 in 2013 and 2014. Markooz is the creator of the inward bass beatbox sound, which gave him huge recognition from the international beatbox community. He is also the current manager of the Spanish Beatbox Championship and one of the mentors from spanish TV show AcapelA.


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  • …our country’s king of beatbox

    Sónar Festival
  • Incredible, I’m speechless.

    Kase-O (Doble V)
  • He did a show at ‘CAMON Voces’ that astonished the whole audience.

    Caja Mediterráneo
  • I’ve gone speechless for very few times in my life… This is one of them, amazing.

    Albert Lesan (Onda Cero)
  • …the leading exponent of this discipline in Spain.
  • Surprising. Who can set limits to art? Markooz besides being a good artist is a true professional. Congratulations!

    Dpto. Educación Navarra