November 30, 2015 markooz

Asian Tour: Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Markooz judging the Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan beatbox championships together with Faya Braz from France

During the first two weeks of November I was invited as a jury member for the Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan beatbox championships. My first time in Asia and for sure one of the best experiences in my life, professionally and personally. Meeting each beatbox community together with its culture, society and events was a true adventure. I shared this crazy time with the living beatbox legend Faya Braz from France (GBBB loopstation champion, team world champion 2012 and team world vice champion 2015), also invited as jury member.

Lots of thanks to Japan Beatbox, U3 Hong Kong and TWBeatbox, Fatking, Ruby, Tatsuya, Mic Lee, Mark and everyone we met for an unforgettable experience, it’s been a huge honour! Yabai! Watgey! HaDer! ESH!