June 3, 2016 markooz

Beatbox mentor at spanish TV show “AcapelA”

The spanish version of BBC’s The Naked Choir TV show selects Markooz for the mentors team

For the past months I’ve been working really hard on a project that has been finally launched on spanish television: AcapelA, produced by Warner Bros. Spain, the spanish version of UK’s The Naked Choir TV show. The first episode of AcapelA was released on June 1st on private TV platform Movistar+ and was the most viewed show on the platform during its broadcast. It also had a great feedback from spectators, specially on Twitter, where the hashtag #AcapelA became trending topic in Spain.

AcapelA looks for the best vocal group in Spain. 8 acapella bands have been selected and 7 of them will enter the AcapelA school, where they will get advice from the mentors team to push their limits and unleash their vocal potential. I have the pleasure to be part of that team as a beatbox mentor, and for sure it’s being a crazy experience. The groups will perform every week and a jury of experts will decide which band must leave the show.

If you’re able to catch the Movistar+ platform and you like acapella music make sure to watch AcapelA, you won’t be disappointed. By the way, the first episode has been uploaded to YouTube to give you a taste of what the full show is going to be. Make sure to check it!